School & Community Partnerships


What are

School & Community partnerships?

Our schools and community partnership program is an initiative of coaching for Christ, where we aim to educate, influence and inspire the next generation of young people.

Our tagline for this initiative is

impact your world

and that is exactly what we want the next generation to do.

Initiative sections

This initiative is split up into 3 key sections. Each section enhances and benefits every single schools curriculum from PE, PDMU, anti-bullying, cross-cultural experiences and pastoral care.

Each of these sections have the same delivery method of quality coaching but with different learning outcomes through open discussions based off the Bible.

Break the cycle

Focus: teamwork, relationships and resilience

Futbol Espanol

Introduction to Spanish through quality coaching

level up!

Combining football and fitness to expose young people to a healthy lifestyle and love for the game.

Throughout the school year we will be partnering with schools to run community fun based events where young people can bring their families to enjoy food, football, games and laughter.

Schools Visited

Young people weekly

by 2024 we want to be in

30+ schools

reaching 6,500 weekly

Join our team

If you love working with young people, want to grow in confidence, become a better leader, and step outside of your comfort zone then this is for you. It is also a fantastic way to gain experience and work with all ages and abilities.

Join us in reaching the next generation through coaching and sharing Jesus.

It’s a win, win.




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