Our Goal

The Ephesians Project is our Internship for coaches who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour. This one year Internship may lead into full time ministry in a more specific role.

Our Mission

The Ephesians Project is focused on communicating the Gospel and coaching football to 5-17 year olds in schools and our Youth Academy.

About Us

At Coaching for Christ,
our mission is to equip people to reach people,
inspire the next generation, grow future leaders, and leave a lasting legacy. All of this helps fulfil our vision to see lives and communities transformed by Christ through sport.

2023-2024 Internship

The Ephesians Project will help you grow spiritually, provide you with a mentor and encourage, equip, and empower you as both an individual and a coach. We are currently accepting applications for 2023-2024.

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We are fully committed to your development and growth in every aspect of life and together we can achieve amazing things for God.


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