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Lead Courageously
Lead Courageously

We have all heard and experience the fight or flight reaction. When something that scares us comes along, we have two possible responses, are we going to face it and fight it, or are we going to run from it. Leading courageously means fighting against that thing that scares you the most.

One act of courage can lead to something extraordinary.

Being courageous doesn’t mean without fear, it means you go ahead despite fear.

Courage doesn’t mean fearless, it means overcoming the fear and doing what is right.

Your courage will lead to something extraordinary.

What is fear?

There are three common themes when it comes to fear, no matter what the fear is specifically, it will come under one of these three things.

  1. People pleasing- being more worried about what other people’s opinion might be than what God is asking you to do.
  2. Failure- fear of failure will stop you from trying or starting anything.
  3. Self- feeling inadequate, self-conscious, letting God down.

How do we overcome these fears?

F- fight- face your fear head on.

E-elevate– once you fight your fear, you will be elevated into your purpose.

A-anointed– God elevates you into your purpose, you will be anointed for service.

R- released– then finally, you will be released into your destiny.

What it means to lead courageously:

C- We must first be confident in God, confident that he has and will continue to give us the strength and ability to carry out what he has called us to.

We need to be confident in ourselves, that we have the ability to carry this out, but also confident in your ability to adapt and overcome. Confident people want to be better every day but realise they can’t be perfect.

And finally, you need to be confident in the vision God has given you and, in the people, he has given around you.

O- Overcomers of fear. Not stopped by it.

U- Unshakable in your vision and purpose. No one or nothing will be able to stop you.

R- Radical, being risk takers and being uncomfortable. People who are radical do not follow where the path goes, instead they go where there is no path and leave a trial.

A- Adaptable to different situations. Things change everyday and God will move you when things are comfortable.

G- Growth mindset not a fixed mindset, open and allow God to stretch us.

E- Empowered and excited for the journey. Thankful for the privilege of doing God’s work.

Overall, courage is the willingness to let go of the familiar. Although familiarity is something we all cherish, it can hinder you from what is to come, don’t play it safe.

Remember: one act of stepping out into the unknown, of courage, can be the catalyst to global change.

Written by Stephen Crawford

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