What’s in your Hand?
What’s in your Hand?

Wanting to serve God is often something that is deeply rooted within Christians, as it should be. The desire to not only grow in your own relationship but to share what God means to you and has done for us is not something we do because we have to (although the Bible makes it very clear it is asked of us) but something we want to do.

However, so many Christians get stuck on what they can do to share this message. We are painfully aware of all the things we can’t do, for you that might mean going door to door, standing at the front of church to speak, talking one on one, playing in the worship band, teaching Sunday school, talking to family and the list goes on. The danger is you can then get caught unintentionally idolising those around you and what they are able to do for God all the while still not knowing what you can do.

Instead of throwing ourselves into what we deem to be acceptable, into what everyone else seems to be doing, or into what, according to your own heart, is more for the acknowledgement and awe from others, ask yourself what has God given you?

What is in your hand?

Let’s look at Moses.

A Hebrew boy who after being found in the river by the princess, was adopted into the royal family only to flee the country years later for the brutal murder of an Egyptian. Now a shepherd minding his father in law’s sheep and minding his own business, he notices a burning bush. Then God meets with him.

God communicates with Moses explaining his desire for him to return to Egypt to rescue his people.

Immediately Moses feels inadequate, but let’s be honest, he probably mostly feels fear. He throws out excuse after excuse, some of which we would be guilty of using ourselves. And then God asks him a question

Then the Lord asked him, “What is that in your hand?

Exodus 4:2

A shepherd’s staff, used for managing and catching sheep, to defend the flock at a time of attack and even to steady the shepherd whilst walking over rough terrane. This is what God is planning to use to convince Pharoh to listen to Moses? Impossible.

And it would have been if left solely in the hands of Moses.

God told Moses to throw the staff on the ground- once Moses obeyed, God turned the staff into a snake.

God later used that staff for many more remarkable things, from turning the River Nile to blood, splitting the Red Sea in two to allow for their escape and to strike a rock to provide water for the Israelites to name a few.

Moses was probably right with each of the excuses he gave in Exodus chapter 3 and 4, but all God needed was him. He just needed Moses to trust him and obey him. That’s when he was able to use whatever Moses had in his hand for his work.

You see, the ‘what’ doesn’t matter. But if you have it, God has given it to you. And if God has given it to you then he can use it.

It can seem to be unremarkable, even boring to you but when his hand is on it, something truly divine can happen.

The Bible provides so many examples of this.

David with the slingshot that took down Goliath. A seemingly useless weapon compared to everything Goliath had at his disposal, but not when it’s paired with David’s trust in God. The slingshot and a stone took Goliath down. (1 Samuel 17:32-51)

A young boy with a packed lunch of five loaves and two fish who willingly offered it to Jesus to feed 5,000 people. Alone, this would have barely been enough to feed five, but with the touch of Jesus they even had twelve baskets left over. All the young boy had to do was offer Jesus what he already had in his hand. It was Jesus who did the rest. (John 6:1-15)

A staff in the hand used to separate a sea, a slingshot being used to take down a mighty enemy and a small, packed lunch used to feed 5000. What is it that’s in your hand, at your feet or at your disposal. What is it that you have, or what do you do, that God could use if you offered it up and became available for God to use you?

There was a poor widow who came to the temple Jesus was at to make an offering. Many rich people went before her and presumably left substantial gifts in the box, but the woman came along and dropped in only two coins. This doesn’t seem too much, in fact compared to the previous gifts, some would even say it was insulting. But this is what Jesus said “I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the rest of them. For they have given a tiny part of their surplus but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.” (Mark 21:1-4).

It didn’t matter what she dropped in the box; she gave all she had.

And that’s all that God asks of us.

Don’t get caught up on what others are doing for him, on what looks good or what is seen. Don’t do what will get you a pat on the back or acknowledgments from others if that’s your only reason for doing it. Look at what God has gifted you with or the job you are blessed to have and offer it up to him asking him to use it for his glory. For some this could be praying for a client when they don’t even realise, for others it could be inviting a colleague to church whilst you chat to them in the break room or even providing free haircuts to a family who you know are struggling.

God can use you in the office, at home, as you commute, at your school (as pupil or staff), in your community, as a parent, as a friend, as a boss or colleague. He can use you if you have a drill in your hand or a football at your feet. Don’t get stuck on the ‘what’ you do, he can use anything, but whatever it is give all you can.

Written by Erin Thompson

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